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Just for starters, here are ALL the camps offered around the greater Columbus area:

Camps in the Greater Columbus area

But, if you want to get more specific, you can enter the exact criteria of what you’re looking for and filter the results down to exactly what you need for your family. Check out these examples:

If you’ve got a kid who is super into Outdoor Adventures, you can browse through these Outdoor Adventure camps within 30 miles of Upper Arlington, OH:

Sports Camps around Upper Arlington

Maybe you live in New Albany and your child is eight…. Well, we’ve got many camps for kids 8 yrs old/ or entering 3rd grade near New Albany, OH:

Camps for 8 year olds or 3rd graders near New Albany

You can also filter for half day camps, overnight/residential camps, and over 15 different special needs, it’s here, all in Columbus.

More examples:

Camps for kids with Food Allergies in the Greater Columbus area

Overnight/Residential Camps all over the nation!


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