Wealthy Habits Financial Literacy Boot Camp

2-Day Money Camp - Duluth

Camp Description

Wealthy Habits is going to have your child laughing and learning all day long, with plenty of time to make new friends and compete for the ultimate prize, all while playing lots of games, learning to make wise financial decisions and practicing Wealthy Habits.

Wealthy Habits 2-day camps were created with your child in mind! These two-day programs work best for students who cannot commit to a full week. Providing a modified version of the popular Introduction to Wealthy Habits course, we introduce students to the basics of money, as well as those financial topics most relevant to their age group, ranging from the basics of a bank account to the ins and outs of getting your first loan or apartment. While this camp is personalized for students to get the most vital information out of it, it is just as fun as every other Wealthy Habits program.

Wealthy Habits summer camps give students a competitive edge by teaching them to think differently about making, spending and saving money, while also providing them with the skills to manage it properly.

Prepare your kids for a FUN and PRODUCTIVE summer by enrolling them in Wealthy Habits summer camps! Lessons learned will create good financial habits that will last a lifetime. Wealthy Habits offers financial literacy summer camps for middle and high schoolers that both you and your student will love!

Each camp is filled with games and activities designed to teach students basic money and life principles, such as:
• Personal Finance
• Budgeting and Saving
• Investing
• Personal Presentation and Net Worth
• Insurance and Taxes
• Compound Interest
• and more!

Our camps come in 5-day, 3-day, 2-day, and 1-day options, so you will definitely find the perfect fit for your child. Register your child today for the camp that will impact his/her thoughts and beliefs about money and will encourage and inspire them to live a financially secure future!

Held at Duluth High School on Brock Road.

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Camp Information

06/25/20 to 06/26/20
Full Day
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
15 to 19 years
Full Price: $129.00
Early Bird: $103.20
20% Early-Bird Discount (ends March 15)
7:30am - 9am; 4:00pm - 5:30pm; $30 additional (no partial options)
Please provide a bagged lunch for your child each day.
Opens: 01/01/2020
Ashley Miller
3737 Brock Rd NW Duluth GA 30096